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Hello Herr Tüselmann,
I wanted to contact you again.

Our vacation was great!
Insane weather, your house was great. We felt very comfortable. Abdenbi took care of everything and communicated in English as well as possible (my mother-in-law, wife and daughter shared a few words together in French). The good Fatima has rinsed everything and cooked ...
Wind and waves were great. Essaouira is a pleasantly quiet and beautiful city - in contrast to Marrakesh. The car we have indeed zugestaubt, but otherwise treated very carefully ;-) The firewood we needed every evening (once in the morning ...). I hope there was enough left.
Thanks again for the nice time. I wish you a happy year,

Greetings from the Gions
febuary 2019
(translated by Google)

Hello Mr. Tüselmann,
we arrived yesterday night, or this morning well in the house. The driver was perfect. Abdenbi welcomed us and the electric blankets are a hit. We had breakfast on the terrace and sunbathe on the roof terrace. You have a great house here. Thank you for everything. We wish you a Merry Christmas.

Greetings family Gion
december 2018
(translated by Google)

With Abdenbi we have the return trip
already discussed. He cares well.
But actually we would have to go home, because all riads and villas are
a disappointment to their house - because they have with their wonderful house
really done everything right and we enjoy each day on a new one
Look, a new perspective, a new detail - and our son at one
(Who is actually the architect of this house?) The
However, it is the greatest luxury, if we are after a trip from Essaourria or
come back from a Berber market - and in addition to the tranquility of the house - a
Fatima cooked dinner on the table. We can even
Do not decide what we like best - today's vegetable soup was a
Overall, we are overwhelmed by the pleasant climate and friendliness
the human. Our eldest daughter wished she could spend a year abroad
make - so far we are already infected!
The only dilemma are henna tattoos that our daughters get on the beach today
no general reactions, but it does not look healthy ...
Wonderful pictures of the breakfast on the roof, the dinner in the yard, the
Bathtub sessions, the sleek car on dusty highways, the
bustling Berber, fish markets, the busy nightly promenade in
Essaouria, the great seafood restaurant ... follow as soon as we get back!

Thanks a lot for your efforts and best regards,
Annette Maechtel

august 2018
Annette Maechtel from Berlin
(translated by Google)

Dear Horst,
Since we have been immediately absorbed by everyday life, I am only now
to report me. We enjoyed the time in your house very much and felt well.
The minimalism of the house,
its clean lines and the obvious functionality are impressive.
This will probably have to measure all future stays. On
really unusual place.
Abdenbi is a helpful as well as discreet Gardien. He often called himself
very useful guide. We liked him. In fact it was
a bit cooler than I expected, so we used the fireplace quite often
but of course because of the mood.
It was nice!

Thank you and best regards

august 2018
Christian Titze from Berlin
(translated by Google)

Dear Horst Tueselmann,

After we have been back in the country for almost a week now
I will give you back again how good it is to us in your house, but also in
Morocco has fallen.

The tip, first to go to Taghazoute, was very good. We have
There correctly to the country (a small cultural shock was
Of course also with it, because no tourists were on the beach and nearly
All of the women present were veiled and so into the water
went). The sea was wonderful and the beach was a real one
Beach with fishing boats, fish, which were sold there and bakers, the
Wandering around and offering sweet pastries (delicious!).

Then we came to your beautiful, somewhat secluded house, which gave us so good
Has fallen and in which we have always felt safe.
We were connected via the patio also at night, we could at the
Day but also enough out of the way. Fatima has one on the first day
Wonderful Tagine made and I have afterwards still some tried but
None was as good as theirs. Mr. Abdenbi has been wonderful around the children
After having arrived with a small stomach disorder and
A magic tea made of thyme and rosemary, which has worked miracles.

We explored the area and visited the markets, where we had meat
Had been in the medina, traded there like the Berbers, to Sidi
Kaouki, bathed on the beach of Essaouira, made a camel ride
And have - because we have done a little bit - in Moulay Bouzektoun
Station and the freshest sardines in a small hut on the
Beach eaten. We have many friendly and fun people
And learned exciting new impressions.

It was a wonderful adventure holiday in which we were very, very comfortable
Have felt. Morocco is a great country that we have been looking forward to,
And we will definitely come back again. Are you happy,
There in a house so beautiful with loving people around you too

august 2017 nina brandi from cologne
(translated by Google)

Hello Mr. Tüselmann,

We must also think of the return journey. We'll be with you
Monsieur Abdenbi to discuss the pick-up by the taxi driver.

Is it all right if we stayed in the house until about 2 o'clock? We pack and
Of course, leave everything away so that the house for the next guests
Cleaned and prepared.

Otherwise: Total enthusiasm! Simply indescribable - but we will be
Still try on a piece of travel prose as soon as we get back.

Kind regards from your impressive house, which gives us every day anew

september 2016
Anne & Axel Brandstetter from Mainz
(translated by Google)

dear horst tüselmann ......
everything worked very well
your home and garden are truly exceptional
when I read the comment about your house on the holiday architecture page
my decision was made
the trips to / from marrakech were easily made
as the sandero went bravely and reliable
weather and sea were just right
and essaouira is definitely the place for marocco beginners
all in all
it was a great relaxing holiday

october 2014
jochen statwald + antje steinhausen and frederik from düsseldorf

dear tüselmann
our vacation in your house in morocco was incredibly beautiful
an oasis of calmness and reflection
we recovered wonderfully
and take deep impressions from morocco home
this was not our last vacation in your home
thank you in all respects

july 2014
dr hansjürgen and petra donel from freudenstadt

dear horst tüselmann

i don’t know where to start
after the first impressions we’ve grasped from the given information and imagery
we of course set our expectations very high
but all our anticipations were met and exceeded by far
you have created an immensely practica
and situationally adapted
wonderfully atractive house
may i therefore immediately express my wish
to let me know at which occasion the house
is free in the fall time again
we were very pleased by the with all questions helpful abdenbi
and the good cook naziha
who’s mother introduced us to the traditional way of
producing arganöil
of which we previously ordered 9 liters
at a very reasonable price
we visited kaouki - ida ougourd and had draa
and did spend most of our time in the city
the car came in very handy and even became an obligatory solution
the rides with the taxis were comfortable as well
best wishes for today
and thank you from my whole group

february 2014
prof dr hans müller hohenstein from munich

i am looking fowart to your guestbook entry
horst tüselmann